How do I Register for a Tournament?

There are 3 ways that you can enter a tournament.

1. On the Canasta Freaks main page there is the daily calendar with all tours for the day listed. Click on the tournament you would like to jump and then on register. Enter your user name and password and select that you have you have read the rules. Hit submit and you are all ready to go.

2. There is also a link for the tourney calendar under myleague links . This will show you all the events scheduled by date. Click on the time of the tournament that you wish to play in to bring up the tournament main page. From there click on the register link and enter your name, password, put a check in the rules box, and you are in!

3. If you are in the lobby you will see the host announce the tournament with a jump # in the post. This jump number is required if you wish to use the jump box located in the jump center . Simply enter the jump number, your league name and password.

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Where can I find out if I am Registered in a Tournament?

Once you have entered all the information to enter the tournament a message will appear on the registration page that says: zoya (Team zoya) has been registered.

NOTE: You have already been checked-in for this tournament since the check-in process has already begun.

If you want to double check you can click on the Teams link on the top of the tournament page to bring up a list of all the people that are registered

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What are Ladder Bux?

Although all the tournaments are free, you will need ladder bux to enter each tournament. You can receive ladder bux in your account when you sign up by clicking all the boxes in Step 3. You can also win ladder bux by playing in tournaments. How many are playing in that tournament and where you place will determine how many bux you can win. Gold members will receive 2x the amount normally received, Platinum will receive 4 times and Diamond will receive 6 times the amount.

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How Much Bux do I have?

To find out how much bux is in your account, click on the Tourney Bux Log on the left side of the main page. Type in your name and then click View Log.

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What Can I do with my Bux?

In addition to using your bux to enter tournaments, there are several other things that they can be used for.

1. Once you have received a certain amount you can redeem these for prizes. A current list of prizes and the amount of bux you need to redeem for them can be found by clicking this link.

2. Diamond and Platinum members are allowed to gift their bux to another league member. This can be done by clicking on the User Editor Link. Once a new page has come up click on Diamond/Platinum Membership and then Gift Ladderbux.

3. Diamond members can redeem bux to gift a league member a 2 month Gold membership. This is also done by clicking on the User Editor, Diamond/Platinum Membership and then Gift Gold Membership.

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What are Premium Memberships?

Memberships are not required to play in tournaments. You have the option to purchase a membership to receive advantages that non-premium members are not entitled to. A summary of the benefits are listed here:

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How Can I Pay for Premium Memberships?

Gold: Gold memberships can be purchased using a credit card, online cheque (US residents only), Paymail, mailing a cheque or by telephone.

Platinum: Platinum memberships can be paid monthly by credit card or online cheque (US residents only). Yearly memberships can be purchased by credit card, online cheque, or mail.

Diamond: Diamond members have an option of a monthly fee, purchasing 6 month membership or purchasing a yearly membership. Monthly memberships can be purchased using a credit card or online cheque (US residents only). Six month and yearly memberships can be purchased through pay pal or by mail.

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What is a Ladder?

A ladder match is a game played between league members. You can ladder anytime you are not playing in a tournament. All ladder matches must be played in Fried Green Tomatoes. These are three types of ladder matches you can play

1. One hand quickie

2. Game to 2500

3. Game to 5000

To grab a ladder match simply announce in lobby "ladder table # and type of game". Table setting for ladders are the same as tournament table settings. Please ensure that anybody who joins in the match is a league member. Ladders can be played between 2 players with bots as their partner, or 4 players. The loser of the game reports the loss on the league page.

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How do I Report a Ladder Loss?

In the center of the page, on the right side of the backdoor, there is a box called Report Loss. Simply type in your league name, your password and the name of your opponent and click Submit Loss. If you have played a 4 player match please make sure that you report the loss to BOTH players. Please report all ladder results as soon as you are finished the match. Ladder match results count toward your league standings and rating.

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What Happens if I Won a Ladder and it has not been Reported?

Please remember that a player has 24 hours to report a ladder before any action can be taken. If the match still has not been reported after 24 hours please follow these

1. Make every attempt to contact that player. This can be done in the lobby or by sending them an email or instant message. The member has 24 hours to respond to your inquiry.

2. If your attempt at contact has been unsuccessful please use the Unreported Match link on the left hand side of the page. Your submission will be followed up and dealt with by a member of the Admin staff. Do not try to contact the player once a report has been made. Any reports made to a member of the staff will NOT be taken in the lobby, by email or by instant messenger.

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What Happens if I do not Report a Ladder Loss?

All non-winners of a ladder match are expected to report the loss on the league main page within 24 hours. If you are playing a 4 person ladder match, you must report losses to BOTH opponents. If you have won a ladder match and the results have not been posted in 24 hours you must use the Unreported Match link on the left side of the page. Any emails or im's to TD's will not be enforced. Ladder Match Reporting Rule

1st violation = warning

2nd violation = boxed for 3 days

3rd violation = boxed for 7 days

4th violation = ejection from league

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How do I find Out What my Password is if I have Forgotten it?

Please use the Lost Password link on the left side of the main page. Your league password will be emailed to you

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How do I Change my Email Address?

Click on the User Editor Link on the left side of the main page. On the new page click on Change User Information and enter your new email in the Email Address line. Click Submit Changes to process your request.

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